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Hi, I'm Claire

I’m a wellbeing and management coach & workplace culture strategist.


I believe that purpose-driven people like you, who have chosen to dedicate their working lives to Changing the Lives of others, deserve to do so successfully and with great satisfaction and not at the expense of their own lives


I help people and organisations: to prioritise wellbeing and use it as a tool to help deliver their best, not to dismiss it as a distraction they don't have time for; and to create workplace cultures in which colleagues flourish and thrive, and are supported by managers and leaders who have the skills and confidence to enable and empower individual and organisational growth, whilst upholding boundaries that prevent overwhelm and over-delivery


professionals who choose to dedicate their careers to creating good; to empowering others; and to changing the world; deserve and ought to do so at their best,
not at their most stretched

and NOT at the expense of other areas of their lives


Get me at my best and you get Awesome!

Get me tired, stretched and stressed, and you get significantly less!


You and those who rely on us, are being short-changed. And so am I

for colleagues to deliver their best,

they need to know how to

identify the balance that enables them

to achieve that best, and to be encouraged & supported to do so

balance means they need lives filled with friends and loved ones, and joy and discovery, and rest and hobbies, and great work


and they need to be surrounded by colleagues who also recognise and model their own

commitment to balance & best

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It took cancer (extreme, I know!) for me to realise that giving 110% of me to work ...

wasn't delivering my best - for me or for anyone else. 


In 2016, aged 41, I was diagnosed with triple-negative invasive ductal carcinoma - Breast Cancer  - and had to give up work for 9 months to undergo surgery and treatment.  I was left with PTSD, two long-term side effects from the drugs which saved my life, and a whole new perspective.

Up to the point of diagnosis I had enjoyed a successful career as a Fundraising Director and in-demand Freelancer. I had worked with some incredible organisations on some amazing projects. I defined myself by my work and I loved it.


But I had fallen into the trap - the subconscious, for-good sector, passion-overload trap of over-delivery, over-committing, overwhelm, and often, over-expectation.  And not only was I not conscious of the multiple "over"s, I was also not aware I was trapped. 

So, when I tried to go back to my beloved fundraising, but working fewer hours than before with more focus on me and my health and wellbeing, I couldn't. I didn't know any other way.

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What started out as the search for a purpose-filled fewer hours senior fundraising role.....

became a whole career and a whole new focus and a whole new movement - to champion the wellbeing of professionals in the non-profit, social enterprise and profit-for-good sectors - the people those organisations rely on to deliver change; and to persuade sector colleagues at all levels of the benefits to everyone (beneficiary, colleague, manager and CEO) of focussing on balance and best, not busy and stressed, and then helping them to achieve it.

To say "cancer changed my life" is a huge understatement. 


It forced me to recognise and deal with some home truths, some unhealthy habits & behaviours, and that my best is not delivered in a 50-hour working week.  


It also provided me with a new career, helping others realise the same.

So, whether that be with you as an individual, your team, or your whole organisation, what are you waiting for?

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What's the secret formula to making the move from stressed to best?

It's not really a formula - it's more of a mindset shift - moving from a perceived need to measure delivery in hours, to measuring delivery in quality and outputs.  And in being comfortable and confident in doing so

Somewhere along the line, we have been made to feel that to work and do well in the for-good space, we have to work all the hours and never say "no" to anyone. 

That while being purpose-driven, it also meant that you, as a professional in that space, had to put yourself and your own needs and wellbeing last. 

And as the world got busier, and needs grew, busy and stressed somehow became a badge of honour.

There is another way

A way where we acknowledge that what best serves our purpose and our mission, is us at our best

And to achieve that, we need balance-filled lives

And to be nurtured, and encouraged, and given opportunities to develop and grow, and clear priorities and clarity, and emotional safety, and rest

And THAT is what needs to be put at our core - everything else will radiate from it

in the spotlight

proud to be featured and used by the best!

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